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Our full school review and our school reviewers

​Our three school reviewers-Mrs Tracey-Ann Douglas (Left), Mr David Aisbett (Middle) and Mrs Lesley Vogan (Right)
Last week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday our three school reviewers conducted a full school review.  The reviewers were:  Mrs Lesley Vogan (Chair) an Internal Reviewer, Mr David Aisbett an  external reviewer (from Melbourne) and Mrs Tracey-Ann Douglas a peer reviewer from Nashville State School in North Brisbane.
The three reviewers have been principals for many years and have deep knowledge about and understanding of schools and school issues.
The three reviewers spoke to all members of the school community during the three days. Thanks to all parents/carers who spoke with them about our wonderful school.
They were impressed with the team work and collegial collaboration of staff, students and parents at the school.  They confirmed that we care for our children and that they are engaged in learning experiences that are age appropriate.  They confirmed that parents/carers are happy with the school and satisfied that their child/ren are receiving a good education.
In the next fortnight, the reviewers will present an executive summary of the review and also a 26 page report.  When the executive summary arrives, it will be uploaded onto our school website.
The recommendations from the review report will be analysed.  The recommendations will form the basis of the new four- year strategic plan for Blackbutt State School.
Mr Aisbett told staff that he spoke with one of the older students and asked him what he thought of the school.  The older student told him that he loved coming to school and learning.  He really liked learning to read and he liked telling his teacher the next day how many extra minutes he read after school the day before.  Mr Aisbett said that if we are getting these types of comments from our children, we are doing things right. 
We can all be very proud of our school.