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Wally Worm and Stretchy Snake lead the way

At Blackbutt State School we have designed special reading bookmarks.
Every child uses their bookmark at reading time. The bookmark looks like this.
It shows how Stretchy Snake, Chunky Monkey, Chatty Batty and Wally Worm are best friends.
Their favourite pastime is reading with their mates Skippy Frog, Flippy Dolphin and Lips the Fish. When they get stuck, they can ask for help from Punctuation Parrot and Foxy Fix It.
It’s all part of learning to read at Blackbutt State School where students learn how to use decoding and comprehension strategies to improve their reading.
With the teaching and learning of reading undergoing a revamp, students are enjoying being able to explore the world of reading with new books via class borrowing systems to encourage home reading.
At Blackbutt State School, students also learn comprehension strategies like inferring or “reading between the lines”; predicting using clues such as title, illustrations, author, blurb and text type; and skimming which is a fast technique to get the gist of what the text is about.
Comprehension strategies in bookmarkDecoding and self correction strategies