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Year 4 and 5 Explore Space

Kane gets close to the constellation Gemini
Exploring a space time odyssey
(Story written by Mrs Judi Chatwood Media Liaison Officer)
Did you know that the Andromeda Galaxy is a spiral galaxy 780 kiloparsecs from Earth? Or that the surface temperature on Jupiter is -108 degrees Celsius? If not, then read on.
Our Year 4/5 students have been on a space mission of their own this semester, learning about the solar system and investigating distant planets.
It has been an exciting ride into space, from exploring celestial bodies and planetary size to finding out why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore.
Co-teachers Mr Keith Perrett and Mr Justin Perrin have kept students mesmerized with an array of exciting activities, including making their own papier mache planets.
“Our Year 4/5 students have been integrating English and Science studies in A Space Time Odyssey, including making their own exhibits,” Mr Perrin said.
“They have chosen their own cosmic entity or space-related topic and integrated it with their English graphic organisers to collect and organize the information.”
Students have learnt about the Moon, the Transit of Venus and the Andromeda Galaxy.
“They also have studied space exploration by humans, including the Moon landing in Apollo 11 and the International Space Station,” Mr Perrin said.
Year 4 student Kane said the fun part was learning how to make a Moon crater and building class planets.
“It was cool,” he said. “We used balloons, newspapers and glue to build our planets. Then we painted them to match the pictures in our books. It was messy but fun.”