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Year 6 Camp 2016 at Currimundi

Year 6 Camp
Thump! Thump! That was the sound of my heart banging inside my chest. I am going higher and higher while my classmates pull the rope levering me toward the top. I reach the highest point of the 15 metre giant swing and see an endless amount of roof tops surrounding Currumundi Beach Camp. I hear the instructor yell ‘3, 2, 1!’ Whoosh! I swing back and forth through the clean ocean air. The year 6 class and I were having a blast at Currumundi Recreation Camp!
We began this week with stand up paddle boarding at Currumundi Lake. This was a great way to begin the week. Once told all the techniques and skills, we were able to test it out ourselves. One by one we pushed our paddle boards into the murky lake. Standing up was a challenge, but was very thrilling. Zooming down the stream, a sting ray swam under Sienna and Jarra’s boards, they got a shock when they saw it and warned others not to fall off. This was a very fun way to start the camp.
‘Torches on!’ ordered the instructor as he turned the lights out. We were about to enter the man made caves. I could see narrow holes leading to different locations. We hopped into our lines and got ready to enter. Following the person in front throughout the tunnels, I felt a shock of fear. I don’t like tight spaces. I pushed myself and tried to stay calm. I felt bumps along the surface of the caves and knocked into stalactites hanging from the top. Reaching the end of the cave, I saw a dim light and crawled towards it. I had completed the caves.
Entering the rock climbing facility, everyone felt a wave of excitement run over their bodies. I could see different coloured studs on the rock wall heading right to the top of the very tall room. We wore harnesses and a helmet. My partner for rock climbing was Sienna. Rock climbing was very enjoyable but at the same time challenging. Depending on your confidence level you could chose different difficulty rock courses varying from easy to hard.
‘10 points and another bullseye!’  I yelled as I hit the target with my arrow. We were doing archery in the hall which was really fun. We had to get into groups of five or six and I thought my group was really talented. Everyone had a chance of hitting the target and we had to calculate our scores. At the end of archery, our team had come 2nd in points with a score of around 150.
All students came back from Currumundi different from the students who came in. From learning to balance on a paddle board to building clear quick communication skills in the caves we all learnt something new. Every day was challenging, including having to build up the confidence to go to the top of the giant swing or even just getting up in the morning and facing the day without Mum, every student tried their hardest at Currumundi and that’s how we made it through the week.
Written by Lauren Beutel and Roan Perkins-McAuley Year 6 students