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Year 6 Excursion Electrifying

​Matthew, Imogen and Thomas in front of the old Butter Factory engine from 1922
Year 6 Excursion Electrifying
(Story written by Mrs Judi Chatwood)
It was enough to make your hair stand on end!
Our Year 6 students visited the South Burnett Energy Centre this week to reinforce their science topic about electricity and how it is produced.
Stanwell maintenance manager, Mr Rob Woodall, was on hand to explain the finer points of working in the electricity generation industry.
Our students had the opportunity to explore the centre with a buddy and try out all the energy-producing activities from pedal power to energy-saving lighting systems.
Those fit enough to make the static bicycle produce enough power to run a fan were rewarded with a giant gumball lolly!
The hair-raising Van de Graaff electrostatic generator with its shiny, silver spheres was popular, as was a live demonstration of a 1922 diesel engine used to power the original Nanango Butter Factory. 
Tara Clarke said she was rapt at the chance to win a gumball lolly while using pedal power to run a fan and lights.
“It was hard work and a lot of fun to see how using my own body energy could make a fan spin,” she said.
“After two minutes of non-stop pedaling I was exhausted but I did get a lolly.”
The students also learnt some facts about electricity – that it has no weight and it cannot be seen yet it can produce light at the flick of a switch.
They also learnt that power can be produced in many ways - from coal, water, wind, sun, gas and diesel fuel to tidal energy, waves, geothermal and nuclear reactors.