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Being Late and Leaving Early

Arrival and Departure Times

By far and away the vast majority of students arrive to school in the morning between the times of 8:00am and 8:45am. Please be aware that arrival prior to 8:00am is not to occur without prior arrangement with the office. Students who do need to arrive early must go directly to the library and wait there until after 8:00am when a staff member commences playground duty.

Some children arrive late to school. School commences at 8:45am sharp and it is expected that children will be in attendance, ready to start their day, by that time. Arriving late to school should be the exception rather than the rule. School procedures require parents of students who arrive late to school to come to the office and sign their child into the late arrival register. Students will then receive a late arrival slip to take with them to class. Students who continually arrive late to school are missing out on important class time. I certainly understand that children will be late to school occasionally, with valid reasons, however chronic lateness is unacceptable.

Removing Students from class


When it is necessary to collect your child from school early it is imperative that parents come to the office and collect an early departure slip to take to the class to collect their child. Classroom teachers will expect to receive this departure slip before letting the child leave class. Please ensure that these procedures are followed to assist the school with the safety of all students.