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Playing Chasey and Tag Games at Blackbutt State School

Kids playing chasey games

Playing Chasey (Tag) Games at Blackbutt State School

  1. Decide on the game.  Don’t play any banned games like Bullrush and Gang Up Tiggy. 

  2. Decide who is playing the game.

  3. Decide where the game is to be played.  Make sure the game is not played in an out of bounds area.

  4. Play by the rules of the game.

  5. Take your turn

  6. Don’t call other children insulting names.

  7. Don’t hit, kick, slap or use any kind of violence.

  8. No tackling, pushing or shoving when playing the game.

  9. A tag is a light tag with an open hand, using your fingertips. Tagging should only occur on someone’s shoulder, back or arms.

  10. Include everybody who wants to play the game.  Don’t ignore someone who would like to be included in your game and looks lonely.  Invite them to join in.

  11. Don't use put downs.

  12. Don’t lose control of yourself.

  13. Use the High Five when you need to use it.