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Every day counts at Blackbutt State School

Every child needs to be at school every day, learning and achieving in every classroom. 

Our  attendance target is 93%.  

Attendance at school every day really does count in the development of your child. 

Students with low and inconsistent attendance fail to receive the intensive intervention and support offered because they are not at school regularly enough to benefit from this.  If student attendance is low below 85%, our first support goal for that child is to improve their attendance.

The principal regularly monitors attendance data very closely and will contact families of children who have had an excessive number of days absent from school.

Once chronic absenteeism is identified, conversations with those parents and students to increase attendance at school are undertaken. This as a vital step in giving every child the very best opportunity in life. It is simply too important to not follow up!

We  take ownership of this at Blackbutt and ensure every child is at school every day – No Excuse. 

Every Day Counts – has four key messages: 

  •  all children should be enrolled and attend school on every school day
  •  schools should monitor and create ways to improve attendance in schools
  • attendance is the responsibility of everyone in the community
  • children may find themselves in unsafe situations if they choose not to attend or skip school. 

While most students attend school consistently, there is a small number of students who are absent from school without an acceptable reason.

Going shopping, having a birthday, visiting family, staying up late and being tired or extending school holidays are not acceptable reasons to be away from school.

Daily Absence Notification


We now have daily absence notife now have daily absence notification.  Parents and Carers who have not advised the school about student absences can expect to receive a phone call and/or text message asking for a reason for the absence every day.