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Swing Safety


  1. Always sit in the swing- don’t stand or kneel.
  2. Hold on tightly with both hands while swinging, and when finished swinging, stop the swing completely before getting off.
  3. Take your turn and share with others.
  4. Stay a safe distance from other children on swings, being careful not to run or walk in front of or in back of moving swings.
  5. Never ride with more than one person on a swing. Swings are designed to safely hold only one person.
  6. Swing to a safe height.  Don’t swing to an extreme height.
  7. Swing front and back, not side to side.  
  8. Don’t cross over the holding chains of the swing.
  9. Remember to wait until the swing is stopped before getting off the swing.
  10. Report any unsafe behavior on the swing to an adult immediately.