No Toys From Home at School




 At Blackbutt State School, we request that children do NOT bring toys from home into the school. Toys brought along to school can disrupt the learning at school.  Whilst we understand that children may wish to carry familiar toys with them and to show their friends items they consider precious, it has been our experience, that bringing toys from home to school can create difficult situations to manage.


  • Some children have a desire to bring their own toys to school. However, doing so often causes conflict between peers that they are unable to cope with or resolve amicably.
  • Children have difficulty sharing a special toy BUT they have an equally difficult time choosing to put it away instead.
  • Children can often be distracted by the toy they've brought along and are reluctant to engage in class work because of the toy;
  • Other children may feel upset or anxious when someone else has a special toy and they don't.
  • Other children can often 'steal' another child's toy leading to disruption to learning at school.
  • Other children's families may not be able to purchase a toy brought along to school making them feel unhappy;
  • Children who bring their toys to school regularly often do not ensure they are clean and hygienic.
  • Bringing toys into the school can also cause unhealthy competition amongst the children, eg "My truck is cooler than yours" and can, moreover, be used as a power/control source, eg "You can't play with my Barbie, you're not my friend", or "If you don't let me have it, you can't come to my birthday party".
  • Other children may break another child's toy either accidentally or intentionally, causing disruption to learning.
  • Some children have been known to trade their toy for another's toy in school time.
  • Some children have even 'sold' their toy in the school for ice-blocks or tuckshop food.
  • There are many different things children can do at break times in the school.  There is no need for children to bring along their own toys.
  • If a toy is stolen or broken intentionally, school staff spend precious learning time investigating the incident when they can be using this time to support learning.
  •  We therefore request that children do NOT bring toys from home into the school, but rather wait for the opportunity for sharing these when friends visit their home. 
    If a child brings a toy from home (other than when they have been authorised by the class teacher for in-class support), staff members will:
  • request that the parent takes it with them;
  • If this is not possible the child will be asked to put the toy away in their bag;
  • If the child is unable to leave the toy in their bag then a staff member will ask the child to place the toy in a classroom spot  (usually on the teacher's desk) until 3.00pm;
  • Parents/Carers will be contacted (usually by the class teacher or office staff) telling them the child has brought the toy along and could they please check school bags in the following days to ensure no more toys are brought to school.
    Exceptions will occasionally be made to accommodate children who have special needs (temporary or long-term). However, these exceptions are to be negotiated with and approved by the class teacher in consultation with the parent/carer beforehand. When some children are able to have a toy in class, the class teacher will engage in a circle time discussion with the whole class about why this has been allowed.

    For example, where the benefits to a particular child from bringing their own comfort source to school outweigh the foreseeable disadvantages, then the situation will be allowed for and carefully managed by staff at the school. Staff will not be responsible for lost or broken toys.


Last reviewed 27 May 2020
Last updated 27 May 2020