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Use of school facilities

Use of school grounds

In the interests of school property safety and security, persons without permission are not allowed in the school grounds outside of school hours. Persons wanting to use the school's grounds or facilities outside of school hours must seek permission from the principal prior to entering the premises. Most suitable requests will be looked upon favourably.

Guidelines and conditions that must be followed when Blackbutt State School facilities are used by Community Members/Groups. 

Section “A” general conditions for use 

1. (a) The use of the Blackbutt State School facilities by community members/groups is subject to the approval of the Principal.

b) All children must be under direct parental supervision (or) children’s parents must approach the Principal directly to gain permission for their child/children to use school facilities.

2. The primary purpose for the school’s existence is for the formal education of children. However, school’s facilities are available for community use at times other than when they are being used for this purpose.

3. Consideration will be given to the use of these facilities provided that the following conditions are agreed upon.

(a) applications are received sufficiently in advance by the Principal.

(b) use of grounds or premises will not be injurious to land, buildings or furniture.

(c) intoxicating liquor shall not be permitted on the premises (without appropriate permission).

(d) repairs of all damages are the responsibility of the person making application for use of the school facilities: these repairs to be performed to the satisfaction of the Principal

(e) no furniture or apparatus shall be removed from its location without the consent of the Principal.

(f) the organisation/individual using the premises and facilities shall accept full responsibility for any injury to a person using same.

Sports grounds

(a) permission to use school sports facilities shall cover a maximum period of one season.

(b) any attention to the grounds or toilet blocks beyond that normally required for the school shall be the responsibility of the sports club or association using the school facility.

(c) the club/association shall use its own equipment.

(d) there shall be no entrance charge to the grounds.

(e) motor vehicles shall not be permitted in areas not approved by the Principal. 

Section “B” protection of property

When an application is made for the use of the school’s facilities, consideration will be given to the protection of the following before a decision is made.

(i) personal property of children and staff  

(ii) personal files on children and work programs, teaching aids and resources kept in classrooms  

(iii) school buildings, playground equipment and garden areas.  

(iv) experimental plots and environmental study areas.  

(v) grassed playing areas and sporting fields which may require periods of recuperation after being used heavily each day of the school week.  

(vi) book and non-book materials in the school’s library.  

(vii) children’s health and safety.  

(viii) visitors to the school at night in that not all entrances, paths and stairways are adequately illuminated.

Section “C” Limitations

The school’s facilities will not be thrown open to all and sundry. The privilege of use may be withdrawn if a group is not carrying out its stated responsibilities.

Hire of school facilities such as the school hall 

Some school facilities are available for hire. Please contact the school's office for more information. Hirers are required to sign a hire agreement signed by the Principal with a negotiated fee for hire amount.

Last reviewed 20 May 2019
Last updated 20 May 2019