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Our P&C is an important part of our school and aims to:

  • build a stronger school community where all students benefit,
  • achieve quality educational outcomes for our students,
  • use cooperation to create a foundation for close parent-school relationships and fostering transparency and accountability. 
Our hardworking P&C is responsible for:
  • managing the business of the Association,
  • promoting community interest of educational matters,
  • facilitating the development and further improvement of the school,
  • encouraging closer cooperation between the parents and carers of students attending the school,
  • other members of the community,
  • staff and students of the school, and
  • compliance with the P&C Code of Conduct.

We are very committed to ensuring our students have every opportunity and access to quality to provisions we are able to offer.


We are involved in a variety of school activities from policy to financial planning, as well as:  

  •  tuckshop;
  • uniform shop
  • Organisation of fundraising activities, working bees and school functions e.g. sausage sizzles, Mother's and Father's Day Stalls free dress days and creating and delivering delicious Melbourne Cup Day lunches.

2018 BSS P&C Executive Committee:

All executive members are responsible for ensuring that the P&C fulfils its legislative requirements.
Mr Adrian Ford
Mrs Jodi Daly
Mrs Jodie Heilig
Mrs Kate Berry
Breakfast Club Coordinator
Mrs Jodie Heilig
Tuckshop Convenor
Mrs Sandra Muirhead
Uniform Shop Coordinator
Mrs Renae Wellsteed
Mrs Samantha Wright and Mrs Jenniel Neilen

Our Principal acts as the Minister's representative to the P&C, and advises and advises and assists the Committee in the successful performance of their roles and is responsible for the provision of guidance, and ensuring legislative and financial responsibilities of the P&C are carried out.


We all work together to achieve the same goals i.e. for the school community acts as one in the interests of the students, and for the P&C's planning and budgeting compliments the school's efforts to assist students in achieving learning outcome.

General P&C Meetings


The committee, along with other school members, parents and, on occasion, teachers, discuss general happenings within the school.  Our meetings are held on the second Monday of each month in the school’s meeting room beside the office from 4.30pm to 6.00pm.  All are welcome to attend.


P&C Communication


We encourage everyone to become members of our great P&C! It is by far the best way to get involved and keep up-to-date! 


P&C Policy, Procedures and Processes


Policies, procedures and processes have been developed by The Department of Education and Training.